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Decadent Cosmos is a space for






and community building.

We're so glad you're here!

Decadent Cosmos was founded in 2020 as a space for artists to create and communicate both individually and collaboratively. Inspired by underground artists of both the distant and recent past, and excited to reimagine the role that creative camaraderie can play in the world today, we encourage artists to forge new connections with one another and rediscover methods of sharing their work.


We consider ourselves decadent creators because we are aware of the ways that empires decay and we want to make art with the pieces we find. We consider ourselves cosmic creators because we believe in the infinity of our imaginations and the beauty of creating together. Decadent Cosmos stands for the possibility of continual growth and renewal when people come together to create with compassion, pleasure, and joy.

Since our online beginnings in 2020, Decadent Cosmos has grown into a network of young creatives that thrives both on and offline. Currently based in Boston, MA, and Minneapolis, MN, Decadent Cosmos is a queer-led DIY arts organization dedicated to bringing together passionate, talented, and creative artists, poets, writers, and musicians to share our work with one another in order to sustain our network and develop new, vibrant ways of imagining the essential role that dynamic creativity plays in the world. 



Decadent Cosmos hosts dynamic art events that include, but are not limited to, gallery exhibitions, poetry and music performances, workshops, and unique interactive experiences. 



The Decadent Cosmos team is an incredible group of passionate and talented creatives. Get in touch to learn how you can get involved!



Decadent Cosmos publishes a serial zine, among other projects. Get in touch if you are interested in publishing your work through us.

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