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A podcast gentle for the soul, firm for the spirit

“Give Space”, a podcast hosted by writer Isabella Preisz, began at the end of 2020. A due time to sprout. Fitting to the name, the podcast creates a space to talk about being a work in progress. The topics covered range from our decay-inducing capitalist system to setting healthy boundaries in our personal lives.

It’s an especially helpful podcast for artists doing their best not to be stuffed into organized boxes in our world and systems. Or, for anyone running away from those boxes, really.

A slow, guitar strumming tune sets the tone for what’s to come in the next sixty or so minutes: honest conversation.

Seeing that Preisz is a writer, not to mention the author of 7,300 Days and Hours Inside Out, her voice leads the listener on a steady journey. Her spoken words bring healing and connection. As those words slip off her tongue, you relate. Each episode, excluding the introduction and first episode, holds space for a guest.

Isabella invites friends of hers to articulate their thoughts on certain subjects. To give a taste…

In the second episode (the sexual journey inward, laziness, & liberation with Kalev Kasper), Kasper reaches into their knowledge regarding creative labor and radical black feminism. What can be taken away from this conversation is a change in thinking in terms of acting as an employee, making money, and questioning government models.

It’s all around an enlightening listen.

In the fourth episode (reflecting on 2020 with Lindsey Rem), the conversation dips into therapy experiences and being a pet owner during a pandemic. This conversation blooms in hope and learning about one’s self and the environment surrounding that self.

Whether you’re looking for something gentle to serve as background noise or something thought-provoking to delve into wholly, it’s all here.

The candid banter of "Give Space" is what makes it so special. Each episode brings you into the space, almost as if you are holding hands with the participants. You share this space for a time. You grow closer to Isabella as she shares her important perspectives. It feels a bit like warm, glowing candlelight.

Yes, it’s just a podcast. But the argument can be made (and is being made here) that a delusion of proximity grows with each listen. And isn’t that what we are all striving for right now? Unfiltered intimacy?

You can find a link to all of Preisz’s projects (including her books!) here:

And a direct link to the podcast here:

And Give Space’s Instagram here:

Written by Maria Cline ~ writer, artist, human

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