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Get It Together with Michael Quinn

We are excited to promote a play by Michael Quinn that will be performed in LA this July and August! Get your tickets now!

Michael Quinn, photo by Tommy Boyce (@tboycey2)

I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael over Zoom a few weeks back to discuss the very exciting news that his one-act play Get It Together will be performed in Los Angeles at Zephyr Theatre later this summer.

Completed and first performed as part of Boston College's New Voices in 2018, Quinn's play captures the strange and seemingly silly existential confusion of young adulthood that lures us with the trappings of sex and parties only to leave us alone together as we trip through language in an attempt to express ourselves (or our feelings?) to one another.

In Get It Together, Mary and Harold, two old high school friends, wind up in a bedroom, pre-hookup, at a party over winter break and spend the time talking about the complications that adulthood presents, smoke weed, discuss the word "love", and hardly come to any sort of resolution. How much conversation really goes into a relationship? And at what point do the words we say replace our ability to communicate? As Harold tells Mary, regarding his girlfreind, ". . . I've somehow ended up in this relationship where we just both — both keep up this years-long conversation that has descended into complete bullshit."

While discussing his beginnings as a writer, Quinn pointed out that, "Childhood never leaves your imagination," suggesting that his interest in storytelling through theater arises from a need to give voice to memories that are continuously reinterpreting themselves in his creative undertakings. But rather than tackling childhood memories, Get It Together takes on the memories one may have formed a little later in life: the nights we spent in college wondering why we struggle so much to connect with one another when everything about our experiences suggest that we should be able to relate to someone somehow. Why do Harold and Mary find themselves together in the first place?

The performance of Get It Together happening in LA this summer will be the third iteration of the play. Quinn pointed out that it feels different this time around, him no longer being a college student, and the play itself being reinterpreted for a different stage, cast, and crew.

The Playwright. PC: Tommy Boyce

Get It Together will be performed at Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles, CA July 29-31 and August 5-7. Tickets are available now. The play is directed by the writer, Michael Quinn. "Mary" is played by Hadley Durkee, "Harold" is played by Joseph Basquill. Zoe Brown is the Producer, Ally Lardner is the Stage Manager, and Olivia Meredith is the Production Designer.

Thanks Michael! Break a leg:)

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